At R Schmitt Enertec our philosophy for the past few years has been to keep all the design and production consolidated at our facility in Mendig, Germany. Everything is manufactured within our manufacturing facility, hence R Schmitt Enertec is always able to quickly adapt to the changes in the market and adhere to our customer’s requirements as quickly as possible. By keeping all the processes and technologies under a centralized control; R Schmitt Enertec’s competitive advantage lies in the fact, that we deliver engines quicker than our competitors. With the manufacturing of gas engines being our main function at our facility in Mendig, Germany, there are also other components, which we manufacture in-house. Components as base frames, enclosures, heat exchangers and especially the control system are all produced at R Schmitt Enertec.


All the processes of our company are based and certified according to ISO 9001:2008 rules