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R Schmitt Enertec GmbH, short RSE, is one just about a dozen gas engine manufacturers worldwide. The factory with R&D, Sales, service and manufacturing is located in Mendig, Germany.

What does that mean? Is RSE really producing engines?

Yes. Our heart and soul is in the development and production of the engines that we install in our combined heat and power plants (CHP) and generator sets. Starting from raw castings and their processing up to assembly and final test run, we manufacture these engines in our factory in Mendig. Only in this way can we design our ENERGIN gas engine power plants flexibly and according to the requirements of our customers from all over the world.

Internal combustion engines were the main topic of RSE from the beginning of the company in 1976. At that time, stationary and mobile diesel and gasoline engines from various manufacturers were repaired, maintained, overhauled or even optimized by us. Back in 1981, we commissioned the first combined heat and power plants and in the following years assembled (“packaged”) CHP units with gas engines from various manufacturers.


Experience early showed us, that in self responsibility, many things can be done different, more efficient and more flexible. Already in 1996 we started the development and production of gas engines. The aim of this development was to enable individual response to market and customer requirements. Also, we as the manufacturer are the direct contact for all aspects of operation and service. Today we are already manufacturing the third generation of our ENERGIN engine series, which now consists of V – engines with 6, 8 and 12 cylinders, equipped with turbochargers and 4 – valve cylinder heads. Our focus is on achieving the highest electrical efficiencies in our performance class.

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The complete design processes for gas engines, generator sets and CHP´s is done in-house at R Schmitt Enertec. These processes comprise of mechanical designing, electrical designing and software development. Our presence in the power generation industry for the past 40 years has equipped R Schmitt Enertec with crucial knowledge about the industry and technical knowhow which helps us to deliver the most competitive products.


Unlike many other manufacturers, for years we pursue to carry out and extensive in-house production philosophy. So we can respond flexibly to market requirements and keep all the processes and technologies under our control.


In particular when it comes to service, the operators of our engines benefit from the extensive know-how of our company. As a manufacturer, we are the direct contact for all technical matters for the operators of our engines.



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