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Multilingual Data sheets available for download

+++ October 2018: Now on the RSE webpage ready for download: Data sheets of all 144 standard ENERGIN units in 6 languages.

Potential customers, consultants project developers can find the basic facts of the ENERGIN units to plan their energy projects.

Download Data sheets

RSE opens sales and service office in Australia

+++ September 2018: R Schmitt Enertec will in future be represented in Australia with its own service and sales office. The office is headed by longtime RSE employee Christoph Jung (left in the picture). The managing director of R Schmitt Enertec GmbH, Mr. Rehan Hashmi (2nd from right) and Mr. Jung received a warm welcome from the operators of the ENERGIN units, which were mainly installed in Sidney and Melbourne. The customers are happy to be looked after directly by the manufacturer in the future.

RSE makes a step towards further expansion in “down under”

RSE supplies Combined heat and power plant with CO2 capturing to Jamaica

+++ Juli 2018: R Schmitt Enertec (RSE) engineers commissioned a multifunctional CHP plant at IGL in Jamaica. IGL is a manufacturer and distributor of technical gases.

There are three ENERGIN GEN + G500 units in the plant. The heating water obtained from engine cooling is used as process heat.

To utilize the engine exhaust gases, RSE delivered a 3-stream steam boiler. Due to the separate exhaust pipes, it is possible to operate the steam generation modular with one, two or all three CHPs simultaneously.

In a downstream system, the CO2 is separated from the exhaust gas and filled into compressed gas cylinders. These are distributed by IGL as process gas.

The entire production facility at IGL is operated with any connection to the public network. The plant with three ENERGIN units is characterized by its extremely high endurance and reliability. This was a crucial point for this operation in island mode.

The ENERSCREEN control systems on each unit share the active and reative load according to the demand.

Commissioning was carried out on schedule with LPG. In the short term, a switch to liquid natural gas (LNG) will take place.

RSE expands production area

+++ April 2018:

Through the acquisition of the neighboring area, the production site of R Schmitt Enertec GmbH (RSE) in Mendig was expanded. The production area has been extended by one third to approx. 10,000 m².

Since the existing business premises are directly adjacent to the purchased ones, a direct connection to the existing production could be created. This achieves optimum material flow.

The renovations in the new part of the building are in full swing. In the future, a new production line for our gas engines is to be created there. Due to the relocation of the engine production, areas for the extension of the CNC production are freed up in the existing building.

Through this investment, the company is prepared for medium-term growth plans.

CNC Production at RSE speeds up

+++ Januar 2018: Since the first quarter of 2017, R Schmitt Enertec GmbH (RSE) has been expanding the in-house production of assemblies for our engines and power generators.

In the modern five – axis machining center, different components are often machined with just one clamping. The RSE production engineers have developed special tools and clampings for each component.

Thus, e.g. four cylinder heads are mounted in a single clamping device and processed in one program run.

Gradually, further components are taken into their own processing.

These include, for example, cylinder heads, intake and exhaust manifolds, water and air housings for mixture coolers, flywheel housings and clutch bells. Also assemblies that were previously manufactured as welded parts, such as  heating water connection pipes are now manufactured efficiently with CNC precision.

Internal production, as we have been cultivating it for years and expanding it bit by bit, allows us to control quality while maintaining maximum flexibility.

ISO quality management system re-certified

+++ November 2017: R Schmitt Enertec GmbH completed the recertification of the quality management system in November.

The requirements of the amended standard ISO 9001: 2015 have been fully implemented.

zum Zertifikat…

RSE commissions 2 MW CHP plant at Abbott, Ireland

+++ Februar 2017: The commissioning of four CHP units ENERGIN M12 CHP G500 at the pharmaceutical company Abbott in Ireland has been completed.

The system is operated in grid reference load control, so that only electricity for own use is generated. The generated heating water is used to heat a drying plant.

In addition to the competitive investment costs of the multi-module system, their advantages in flexible operation were important for Abbott’s purchasing decision. The power and heat generation can be optimally adapted to the discontinuous needs of production.

Relaunch of R Schmitt Enertec Website

+++ Februar 2015: The new website is online. The website of R Schmitt Enertec GmbH has been completely redesigned in terms of appearance and content. The layout was adjusted according to the current CI of the company. The adaptive programming of the pages allows optimal readability on all end devices. The navigation allows all interested parties a quick overview of the R Schmitt Enertec GmbH and the product range.

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